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This travel information site is geared for travelers who wish to travel frequently; exploring, learning, and appreciating the geography, culture and history of the places being visited. We believe a balance of independent wandering and guided local wisdom ensures the richest experiences. We hope you will find this website useful in imagining and planning your travels.

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About Us


We are retired educators who have had a life-long passion for travel. When not travelling, we enjoy living in beautiful Calgary, Canada. Our two grown sons continue to enjoy travelling and appreciate how their world-view and perspective have been broadened by their travel experiences. We believe the journey is as important as the destination; and even when things might go awry, the experiences are enriching and empowering.

Carol - is an experienced, avid worldwide traveler, having visited approximately 60 countries (and counting). Carol loves sharing her trip know-how and experience with others. Carol has unique insights on the ambience, flavour, and cultural sensitivities of the places we visit. Her years as an English Language Specialist at the K-12, college and university levels and her work with international education and global clients have honed her skills to tune in to the cultural uniqueness of her destinations, and to be able to communicate in many environments. She has an affinity for museums, art galleries and local markets as the places to understand a place. Carol believes in planning trips well in advance to be able to have smooth travel connections, appropriate accommodations and sufficient background information to appreciate what is being seen; but to be open to the spontaneous events and chance meetings that often form the most memorable experiences.

Erich - is a retired educator at the secondary and post-secondary level with a background in the sciences and computing. Erich has served as the webmaster and technical advisor for several non-profit organizations in Canada. He loves to travel and enjoy the natural and cultural heritage found throughout the world and to share these with you in pictures and comments.  He enjoys actively exploring areas with beautiful natural landscapes, and learning about the geology and wildlife of a region.  He also appreciates the relaxation and rejuvenation that comes with tropical getaways. Erich believes in taking advantage of technology to be informed and stay safe. Out of the way places now are no longer remote and the security of knowing how to get in and out as well as how to get help when needed makes traveling that much more enjoyable.


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This website has no commercial or advertising purpose. Information is strictly our own experience and insight. Advice is well-intentioned but certainly revocable. Photos are our own, except where attributed (Creative Commons.) Links to other websites which we have found helpful  are included, but do not imply endorsement of their content. We hope you will find our site useful and inspirational for your traveling experiences!



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